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When I enter the Tracking Number, it says no record found.
The Tracking number of your Balikbayan Box is provided to the Bureau of Customs by the Freight Forwarders or Deconsolidators upon lodgement or filing of Import Entries. However, details of the shipment is forwarded in advance through Bill of Ladings. Thus, it is advisable that you ask for the Bill of Lading Number and use it instead to track your shipment.

Other possible reasons if the Tracking Number or Bill of Lading Number is not yet on record

1. Wrong spelling. Ensure that you have the correct spelling and all characters are entered in the search box. Use capital letters.

2. The shipment is still in transit

3. Ask the Freight Forwarder for the Master BL and House BL and use either of the two. It is possible that what we entered in the system is the House BL.

4. The arrival of your shipment is before November 1, 2019.

If you still can't find verify the status using the PBBTS, please don't hesitate to Open a Ticket at the BOC Customer Care Portal and a Customs Officer will attend to your concern

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